About Us

For over 35 years CANSCI’s team of highly trained glassblowers have served a wide range of clients, including research and development laboratories in the biotechnology and environmental sector, optical and lighting industries, major government and university labs, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining and the commercial wine industry.

CANSCI is also a leading supplier of custom glass products to science and industry in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  Centered on our expertise in scientific glassware, this combination of custom services and general sales allows us to provide you with all of your laboratory needs.  Our expertise and understanding of our products as well as our problem solving abilities have won us the respect of our customers who rely on our technical consulting to resolve complex technical issues.

Industries Served

CANSCI serves a broad cross section of clients including public and private labs, research institutions, academic and science education, production and testing facilities, from the following sectors and industries:

Air Quality Control
Analytical Laboratories
Biotechnology Laboratories
Biological Laboratories
Environmental testing
Food and drug
Government research and testing labs
Neon Industry
Optical and lighting
Pulp and paper
Quality Control
Research and Development
University and college labs and science departments
Water treatment
Wine Industry